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How many of you would love to earn more money more easily? How many of you would like more respects from your co-workers, loved ones, your family or from your organisations? How many of you would like your self-esteem to be stronger? And how many of you would like on a professional and personal level to have doors open for you more easily? Have you correlated the importance of how you look to how much money you can earn?

The Deal

Learn a lesson on style and beauty with Style and Beauty Experts, a one-stop solution for all things chic, stylish and gorgeous. Discover quick hidden secrets to looking confident and well-groomed at the workplace and pick up practical makeup tips from the instructors, all makeup gurus well-versed with a wide range of cosmetics brands like Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever. Interested to sign up for this workshop, please fill up the form here –